Friday, October 1, 2010

one hundred

Well, here it is. My 100th blog post. This is supposed to be a big important something or other, right? I've been saving the post for a day or two because, well, I just didn't know what to blog about. Some people share 100 things about themselves, I could do that [I'm pretty much my favorite topic of conversation, let's be honest], but I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to tell you about one big thing that has changed my life.

I've mentioned it before, every year on the anniversary I re-post the youtube video of the news story. And some of you know the story well [or have it memorized you've heard it so much, or were even there to experience it.] Either way, here goes:

It was March of 2007, my second semester of college. I decided to go visit some friends in Tremonton for spring break. Christina had suggested that we go to a privately owned park called "Marble Park". She insisted the barbed wire collection was a must-see. So, we went. The park is a sculpture park and has lots of cool things:  swings made from old tractor seats, chairs made from barrels and wheels, and the infamous barbed wire collection. We decided to gather the group together for some pictures and we all climbed up onto three platforms. Ashli, Mac, and I were on the middle platform [probably 5 feet or so] which had a flag pole coming out of it.

While taking the pictures, we noticed that the flagpole was kind of wobbly. Mac started pushing on it, and just as I said [teasing, of course] "wouldn't it be funny if I fell off?" a bowling ball fell from it's perch on the top of the flag pole and onto my head.

I was knocked unconscious instantly and fell off the platform. Long story short: I was taken in an ambulance to the Bear River hospital where they were worried about my spinal fluid leaking into my brain, so I was then lifeflighted to the UofU neuro care clinic. My skull was fractured from front to back. You know how babies' skulls are in two parts when they're born and that's why they have a soft-spot? I just broke that open again. I also had a severe concussion. After four days in the hospital and eight staples in my head, I got to go home. I was on loritab for a week, and then I went back to school. Shortly after, the staples were removed and the doctor told me I was doing surprisingly great and the concussion was gone. To this day, the only lasting damage is the quarter-sized scar on top of my head. [If you ask my mom, she'll say "nope, no brain damage, she was that way before the accident."]

Now, here's the important part of the story. The day of the accident, I had two priesthood blessings. One from Mac and his friend, Jake, at the park. Another from my Dad, grandpa, and uncle at the hospital. Both blessings said that I would make a full and complete recovery. And the one from my dad also said that the experience would be sanctified to me for my good. That's why I'm sharing all this with you. It's not about the bowling ball actually falling on my head, it's about the ways my life has been blessed because of that.

After the accident, I had so many friends praying for me. Through that and through the two blessings I had received, I am here today. I am perfectly fine and loving life. My Heavenly Father kept me on this earth for a reason. That's why I get up every day. To serve him, to share his love with others, to bless their lives and care for them.

Don't get me wrong, there are days that I forget my motivations and I get selfish. I start to get down on myself and focus on less important things. But, when I remember what is really important, I am happier.

Recently, I learned that the word "sanctified" means "set apart for a holy purpose". This experience is extremely holy and close to me. I am so grateful for the many many things I learned and the ways that it changed my life. I've worried about this post. It's wordy, and honestly, I'm surprised if you're still reading. Besides that, it's something that's very close to me. This experience was for me, for my good.

My hope in sharing this is that you'll count your blessings, that you'll look at your life and see the experiences you've been given that you could maybe change your perspective on and let them bless you, that maybe you'll remember that this life you're living is a gift, and at the very least that you'll get a little chuckle out of it. [Cause, honestly, I think it's dang funny. Who has a bowling ball fall off a flagpole on their head? Really?]

So, here's to 100. And bowling balls, and blogging, and life. :)
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