Friday, October 29, 2010

do you have a name along with all those rippling pectorals?

number a- I should possibly learn to use patterns when I'm sewing, otherwise, things don't tend to turn out quite right. Which then leads to me getting frustrated. Therefore, patterns are good. Anyone wanna teach me? I'm really stubborn, I like doing things my own way, and I can't promise I'll be a great student. :)

number b- you know that "bah! I just texted that guy and I'm nervous about his response but he's taking seven billion years to text me back" feeling? Welcome to my evening. It's ridic, that's what it is. (Note: if you're married and reading this, go right ahead and roll your eyes at me and then go smooch your husband, you lucky duck.)

number c- some of my favorite Mill Hollow friends are coming up to visit tomorrow. I'm stoked.

number d-  last night at country swing I ran into a girl with my head in mid-dip. Step up from kicking a guy in the head? Perhaps. Just pray for me that I won't ever send anyone to the ER with my out-of-control country swing moves.

number e- it's nearly Halloween! Is anyone else as stoked as I am? I'm going to dress up as Meg from Hercules (that is, if I don't kick my sewing machine in the shin... do sewing machines have shins? There is a reason I shouldn't blog after midnight.) Anyway, wish me luck. :)

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
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