Monday, October 11, 2010

i'm on a cow

New post over on themerriteliseproject. I made a knockoff of Noodles and Co's Butter and Garlic noodles. Mmmmm. Also, if we're really lucky, Merrit will have time to post her amazing enchilada recipe before she leaves the country for 18 months.

This weekend was phenomenal. Friday night was our ward retreat up at a cabin in Bear Lake. We had a delightful cafe rio dinner and plenty of time to bond and make new friends. 
Doesn't this cabin just look awesome? It was super packed though. This isn't even half the group.

Cute Darcy in the middle and our new friend, DJ, on the right. Oh yeah. And me, pullin' a face as always.

Janielle, me, and Allie cheesin' it up. Plus some new and old friends in the background. And an awesome photobomb on the left. (I wish I could remember his name!)

Allie and I became the queens of I SPY. You know you're jealous.

Saturday morning Janielle, Beckah, Sage, and I got up at 5:15 am to drive back to Logan. We all had to be at the institute early that morning. But, let me tell you, it was worth it!

Funny story though. Sage's phone died and he didn't wake up, so after waiting for him for 15 minutes we decided we were going to have to find him and wake him up. The boys were all sleeping in the basement and when we walked down there it smelled like a ZOO. [Sorry, boys. It's the truth.] The good news is, we found him pretty quickly and didn't wake up too many boys. I'd like you all to take a moment to picture Janielle and I standing in the basement surrounded by 30+ sleeping college boys, using the light of our phones to try and find Sage. Our friend, Jason, woke up and stared at us and said "uh, what are you doing?" 

So, Saturday was great. And, great enough to merit its own post. Stay tuned for that one.

In short, I looooove weekends. What did you love about your weekend?

P.s. I also am loooooving this video. Have you seen it yet?
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