Thursday, October 21, 2010

happy thursday

I am having such a happy thursday. Would you like to know why? Of course you would!

I'm wearing this rockin' new shirt.
Don't mind my weirdie hand position.
It's not like I'm a photographer and I practice posing people or anything...

 and these cute shoes that always remind me of my cute friend Jessie 

 I've spent some quality time staring at my photo wall today

My roommate, Janielle, and I made a goal poster last night.

Some cute house had tomatoes from their garden up for grabs on a table outside of their house.

My roommate's fish, Sushi.

I know he looks like he's dead, but he's not. He just likes to swim sideways near the top of his tank.
What a legit fish.

 Look at all these Fall-y colors outside my window!

My favorite part of this one is the Mr. Rebel green tree there in the back.
Don't worry, he'll cave soon.

Also, I'm going to this place soon.
Picture taken from Ryan Houston Photography
What is making you happy today?
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