Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend, I got to see The Scarlet Pimpernel. My friend, Nick, was in it and it was so good! I also got to go to the General Relief Society Meeting at the conference center. That was even better. And, I got to go to my friend, Merrit's, mission farewell. She's seriously the coolest girl you'll ever meet.

And, I fell off a train.
Not a moving train, mind you, a stationary train. 

"Here's what happened..." [Monk, anyone?]

I was at a train station in Ogden taking some senior pictures. I was standing on the back of the engine to get the angle I wanted and I fell while I was climbing down. My left pant leg got caught on part of the engine [which actually probably slowed my fall] and was ripped up to my knee. Hooray for a new pair of shorts!
And my other leg? It caught my fall on another part of the train...
It got swollen enough that I looked like a grew a second knee. And today, it's five or six different pretty colors. [Let's be honest, I'm really proud of it and I've been showing it off all day.]

I did get some fantastic pictures though, here's a sneak peek:
[Yes, this is another Laci Davis wall. That, my friends, is the pure bliss of living in Logan and going home to Salt Lake; you have so many location options and you're already driving that way anyway.]

Oh! And as we were driving through Sardine we got the wonderful pleasure of being a part of a motorcycle gang. They all had teddy bears, and when it got down to one lane, we merged with them! These pictures are of us catching up with them in Brigham. 

How was your weekend? 
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