Friday, September 10, 2010


Janell, this one’s for you. J

Burned ribbon flowers. (There really should probably be a prettier name for them…)

First, cut out your circles from a piece of ribbon. I went and bought a bag of scrap ribbon from Hobby Lobby with lots and lots of lovely colors.

Make each circle progressively smaller. If you want a bigger flower, use 5 circles, if you want a small one (i.e. for a ring) use only 3 or four circles.

Once you’ve singed the edges of all your circles, you glue them together using a small dot of hot glue on each one. Add a bead, gem, or pearl in the center and you’ve got yourself a flower!

If you want to make a ring, use a hairtie and just glue it on between two pieces of felt.

Numero Dos

This one is a newer version of the black one I posted back on this post.

First, cut out 10 circles of whatever size you’d like your flower to be. Then, take 9 of the circles and fray the edges. Lay out one circle as your base, then fold another circle in fourths. You’re going to do this with the next 7 circles and put them onto the base circle in 2 layers of 4. Once you’ve sewed all those on, take your last circle (the non-frayed one) and cut it in a spiral. Here’s where it gets tricky. You’re going to wind the spiral tightly and sew it into the center of your flower. Then, sew a button or whatever you’d like on top and you’re done!

One more flower for the night and then I’m done.

This one’s great and also pretty easy. And, super super cute at that.

Cut your fabric ½ inch wide and about 1.5 feet long (depending on how big you want your flower)

Tie random knots (7-10 knots) in the fabric strip.

Glue one end to a piece of felt (cut slightly bigger then you would like your flower to be).

Make a line of hot glue one half circle at a time, and stick the strip down in a spiral pattern. When you reach the end, glue it down securely and cut off the extra felt.

Saturday, my roommates and I went on a flower making kick. So, here are some fun pictures of the fruits of our labors. J

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