Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dear, tuesday

Dear cutie, glasses-wearing bus driver,
You drop off on the complete opposite side of campus. I never ever go there, but, would you mind if I rode your bus anyway just because you're cute?

Xoxo, Elise

Dear Mr. Suave sunglasses guy,
I totally knew that you were checking me out behind those sweet shades of yours. And I did, in fact, notice when you pulled them off all suave-like. It's okay though. You were kind of cute, so I'm taking it as a compliment.

<3 Elise

Dear fellow students in my parks and rec class,
Thanks for not judging my eighties outfit and gagging yourselfs with spoons when you saw me. And thanks for dressing up with me.

You're rad, Elise

Dear Tuedsday,
Last semester you stunk. Thanks for being so awesome this year. I like you.

Hugs, Elise
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