Thursday, August 26, 2010

thank you.

Recently, I learned that being grateful every day increases your metabolism. Like, scientifically proven. If it's in Good Housekeeping, it's legit. [Right?]

So, I'm grateful.

And, actually, I'm not just grateful so that I'll have a rockin' metabolism. But I know that I like to be thanked, so I try to thank.

My life is so good. I am so blessed, so loved, so happy.
My Heavenly Father loves me so much. And it is to him that I am most grateful.
He knows what's best for me, and he takes really really good care of me.

I really should just learn to stop "planning my life" and let him guide me 100%.
I adore the gospel. I love the temple.
I will never, in this life, fully understand or appreciate the magnitude of the atonement.

But what I do understand, I love.

So, thank you.

And, thanks to all of you. Cute friends and blog writers.
You inspire me.
Probably more than you could even imagine.

Keep it up.

go thank someone.
Your metabolism will thank you.
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