Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am discovering teacup piglets. Do I want one? Hecks yes I do. [I mean, who are we kidding. A mini pig? The only thing that would be better is a mini elephant.]

speaking of mini elephants...
Have any of you seen Despicable Me?
I looooooooved it. I've seen it twice now.
And it really does relate to mini elephants. They use a shrink ray to shrink an elephant. It's the cutest darn thing ever. I want one.

Also, I love this place.
De. lic. ious.

I spent the entire day today with my bestest friend, Ashley Elise Foote Ball. [Sandwiched between some time with my buddies Brad & Jeff.] We, Ashley and I, went to Red Mango, Noodles & Co., the Missionary Mall, Joann's, Walmart, Chick fil a, to a movie, and then bowling with B&J.
Soooo glorious. I like her.

I went frisbee golfing with B&J. It was toasty warm outside, but once I got into my groove, I didn't do too shabby. Then we went bowling tonight. Minus the part where I slid [rather gracefully, considering] down the waxy lane, I did pretty good.

What movie did I see, you might ask.
[Or even if you don't care, I'm still gonna tell you.]
I saw Eat, Love, Pray...
Eat, chew, swallow?
Eat, Drive.... Pray?

Eat, Pray, Love. That's it.

Despite my confusion about it's title. I loved it. It was such a great movie. Very through provoking. And, super enthralling at the same time. Though, it wasn't a high-action, forget your cares kind of a movie. I seriously enjoyed it.

and now.
I want to run away to Rome. Or Bali.
I want to photograph the world.
I want to live in a laundromat for 17 days.
I want to own a pocket sized pig.
I want to write a self-help book.
I want to change the world.

Can anyone lend me approximately a bajillion dollars? I think it would help my situation. Plus, then I could really be a professional student. I have a crush on learning.

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