Monday, August 30, 2010

fall 2010? bring it.

First day of school picture, only, I had to take it myself. Mom's too far away and my roommates are all in class.

First day of school. My classes don't start until 11:30 MWF and 12:00 T/TH. So, I'm sitting on my cute new bed, rockin' out to J-Beib. [Don't judge. I can't help but like him.] It seems I've found a friend over at nobiggie. I feel pretty good about that.

What else? Well, I moved in, I unpacked, I partied it up with the IWA IC ladies, bought a table from DI, spray painted it to match my room, made pillows to match the table, and spent my last few days of summer reuniting with long lost Logan friends.

My room is coming together. Gimme a little longer and I promise I'll have some good pictures for you.

Happy story really quick before I head to class:
As I was driving up for move in on Friday, I stopped for gas at the Murray CNG station. [It's my fave.] As soon as I put the car in park, two Questar guys had my car hooked up to the pump and started filling it. I made a joke about how cool it was that we had attendants now and they told me they were trying to figure out the bugs and kinks of the new pumps they'd just installed. So, they filled my car and one of the two guys [who was from Logan] told me that I'd get my gas for free because I was an Aggie.
I thought he was kidding, but no! The pump finished it's business and they sent me on my way! I'm pretty sure they were giving everybody free gas while they tested kinks, I don't think it was just because I met an Aggie fan. All the same, free gas. It made my entire day!

So, thanks Questar guys. You rock.

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