Sunday, July 11, 2010

heart break

I've recently adopted a new rule in my life: I only mope in the shower.

Think about it. Raise your hand if you feel better, cleaner, relaxed, etc. after you take a shower. (Brownie points to anyone who actually raised their hand while reading this.) Plus, if you're feeling mopey enough that it's to the point of crying, the shower washes all your tears away and your eyes don't get all red and puffy. It's the most genius idea ever.
Even more important though, is that you don't spend a lot of time showering. Which, in turn, means you don't spend a lot of time moping. So, it limits your time, and you feel better after 'cause you wash all your worries and stress down the drain.

Now, I'm not a terribly mopey person. And, I'm getting back to my usual happy-go-lucky self. Occasionally though, I do still mope over recent heart break.

So, today, I was taking a shower when I got home from camp for the week and I was feeling a little down and mopey. I started thinking about heart break and I had a minor epiphany. You exercise to build muscles, right? How do muscles grow? Well, you tear them and they grow back stronger. That's why you're sore after you exercise and that's why you have to keep it up, so they can continuously be torn and grow back even stronger.

The heart is a muscle, right? So, when a heart gets broken, it should grow back stronger. Of this, I am certain.

Think about it. Heart break sucks. It hurts. But, once you've made it through, you always end up a better person, you learn, grow, change, etc. So, getting your heart broken is simply an exercise. Keep it up, and it'll grow back stronger.

I say, here's to taking risks and putting your heart out there to get broken. That's right, here's to heart break.

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