Sunday, June 6, 2010

of birthdays, butter, and buffers...

My birthday was fabulous. The Saturday before, my dad took me to see Letters to Juliet, which I loved. (Which you all know, because I blogged about it.) Sunday, my cute grandma brought me those beautiful flowers. And Monday, my actual birthday, my family and I went to Morgan to visit graves and hit up our favorite restaurant, Steph's drive in. We stopped in Park City on the way back for some shopping and that night I went to Leatherby's with a bunch of friends. We celebrated mine, Ashli's, and Josh's birthdays there, but forgot to tell our waiter that that's why we were there. So, we didn't get any free ice cream. (Not that we had room for it anyway.)
This, my friends, is a Lotus Elise. We found one outside Steph's drive in. In Morgan of all places. On my birthday! Quaint, huh? :)
We visited other graves as well, but this one's the most special. This is my mom's mom, she died 22 years ago on the day I was born. You can't read all of it, but her headstone says "if it is to be, it's up to me". I like her.

As in the peanutty kind. Last night was my birthday party and it was great. We had PB&J sandwiches, watermelon, and Popsicles. We talked, ate, played some games, stuffed our mouths with skittles, and got eaten by mosquitoes. It was really relaxed and chill and I loved it.
Oh, the skittles game.

I've been back at Mill Hollow for a week and a half now. (Minus the weekends, of course) And, I'm loving it. So far, it's just been cleaning week though. Which is full of highs and lows. It's fabulous because everyone has nights off instead of like later in the summer when some staff members have children to tend to. However, it's a whole lotta cleaning.
We started off cleaning "week" with 6 ft. snow drifts, flooding basements, and dirty everything. Now, we have a lot less snow, much drier basements, and the place is sparkling with cleanliness! And speaking of sparkle, Ashli(a.k.a. Sparkle) and I learned how to use the buffer. Let me tell you, that thing is beastly and literally ran us in circles. But, we got the hang of it and the cafeteria floor is a beaut! I did manage to run over my foot with the buffer. I've got a gem of a bruise to show for it.

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