Sunday, May 16, 2010

strong words

I made a list last night of things that I hate. A lot of them relating to frustrations of heartbreak. It helped. Putting them out of my head and reading them helped me realize that not only do I not actually hate them, but that everything I hated has a positive to it. Whether it opens a new opportunity or is something that is superficial or is just a good opportunity for me to improve and be better.

I was angry last night though. And very full of hate. And then I realized that the last item on the list was the only really true one.

I hate hate.

Today in Sunday School we talked about defying Satan and staying near to the Savior. It was a fantastic lesson. It touched my heart. Favorite part? "We need to learn not to be bitter, but instead, to be better."

The church is true. And life is good. :)
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