Friday, May 21, 2010

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cafe rio doodles,
I don't know what it is, but there is something inspiring about the plain white circle covers.

flying kites in the dark,
Yeah, seems like a strange concept, right? But the wind does still blow when it's dark. I went on a fun blind date tonight and we flew kites at the park by "Day Break Lake". I also discovered that 7-11 has some amazing Reeses Hot Chocolate. Please go try it. You owe it to yourself. :)

sonny with a chance,
I'm hopelessly addicted to this show. I could sit and giggle at it for hours. And, in fact, I do.

this fantastic place,
The Oquirrh Mountain Temple makes me giddy. Jaynee, Nello-Jello, Ashli, and I went on Thursday night.
And this morning, Drea, Ashli, Daisy, Fitch, and I went to the Salt Lake Temple and then to the Joseph Smith movie.
Seriously, I never feel better about myself than when I'm in the temple. (Which is maybe a funny concept, 'cause you rock the wet hair, smeared makeup, and those fantastically unflattering jumpsuits... but still, I never feel prettier than when I'm in the temple.)

Living closer to this place has been marvelous! Maybe less so for my wallet. But I miss Target terribly when I'm oh, so far away in Logan.

and life.
I just like my life. It's unpredictable, crazy, busy, stressful, and completely different than the way I try to plan it. But, I love it.
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