Monday, May 24, 2010

diapers anyone?

Yes, diapers. And Coke cans. Just another day at my house.

What's the story, you ask? Well, my sister's room is in the basement and when it rains, the runoff from the gutters fills her window well with water. And then the water leaks through her window and floods her room. So, we water vacuumed it, and got out all the water we could, but it was still wet. Then, my dad had the brilliant idea to use diapers to finish the soaking. So, I spent my evening cutting the sides of 104 diapers and laying them out on Emily's carpet. The Coke cans are for added soaking pressure. 'Cause, as much as we wanted to, we couldn't stand on all 104 diapers all night.

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