Tuesday, April 27, 2010

life is goo

You know, sometimes it's easier to blog when life is rough. When you have things to complain about or even to be optimistic about. But when life is going well, there is less to talk about. Why is that?

Regardless, I'm going to talk about it anyway.

Life, truly, is SO good. I'm nearly finished with my final projects/presentations/tests and I am overjoyed. I really lucked out this semester and I don't have any finals on finals week. I cannot believe that this semester is almost over. I know that people say it a lot, but it is so bitter sweet.

Things I'm going to miss about this year:

  • My crazy, dorks of roommates.
Shli. And Daisy Duke, who is an honorary roommate.

  • My partner in crime, Racha7el.
  • Our apartment ghost, Hamlin Mortimer Pierre.
  • IWA Wednesday nights with cute Sharon
  • The ladies of Apartment #5
  • Our quote wall
  • Shannon's stories in the morning about me talking in my sleep
  • Christina ruining my life. Every day.
  • Roommate spooning sessions on our love sac, Benjamin.
  • Being 3 years old.

However, I am really excited for what's coming up!!

  • Moving home means much more quality time with this kid...

  • And a lot of quality time in this place...
  • And especially this place... :)
Yep. Life is good. :)
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