Thursday, January 28, 2010

best day ever

Honestly, I had such a glorious day today. My first class was let out 45 minutes early, on my way home I talked to 4 people who not only said hi, but genuinely complimented me. Then, my cute Aunt Sharon drove past and honked and waved at me. When I got home, I got to play with the 12 sheets of pastel poster board I purchased from Hobby Lobby and decorate for Valentines day.

I found my left over cream cheese brownies on the counter and ate those for lunch, called my darling friend Ashley Elise and chatted with her for a while, and headed to Figure Skating class. Today was a free day, so I had the chance to work on my waltz jumps. Side note: jumping off the ice and spinning in a circle scares me. Yep. But my friend, Chris, told me not to psych myself out. He said "You'll land it, you won't fall, you'll jump high - tell yourself that." So, I did. And it worked!

Then, that class got out early as well. I got to chat with a couple really good friends on facebook, and talk to Ashley Elise a bit longer. THEN, I went to institute choir and definitely had my music much more memorized than I thought. THEN, I came home and was fed the most delicious hamburgers ever. And then we had a game night, and I had a blast.

In other news, the IWA formal dance is in a week. We're totally set on the decorations, I think I ordered FAR too much tulle, but better extra than not enough, right? Dress, check. Date, check. Dinner, check.

My classes are spectacular this semester. My two PR classes are tues/thurs classes, so they're 1.15 instead of just 50 minute classes. Normally suggests staring at the clock. Honestly though, I am always so absorbed in what my professors are saying that time flies. I adore this semester.

In a nutshell: life is good.
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