Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it's tradition

I woke up this morning and my dear roommates started my day off by whining about the freezing white stuff on the trees outside. I looked out the window and I just couldn't be upset! There's something nostalgic about the first snowfall of the year.

So, as is tradition I will now provide you with Elise's annual winter to-do list!

-Make snow angels
-See the Nutcracker
-Go Sledding
-Go Ice Skating (multiple times)
-Blow bubbles and watch them freeze!
-Snow ball fight
-Build a snow man
-Drink lots and lots of hot chocolate
-Lights @ Temple Square
-Visit Santa at the mall :)
-Ski again
-Make snow pictures (with food coloring and spray bottles)

Beyond that, I'm lovin' school and life. My big "project" of the moment is the upcoming "I Spy" dance sponsored by the IWA. I'm head of the decorations committee. It's been a blast planning this so far and the dance is really going to be a lot of fun. I'm excited.
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