Friday, August 28, 2009

oh, look a pile of trees!

Life is so good. I'm incredibly happy to be back here in Logan. I adore my roommates and I'm having so much fun being reunited with my friends up here. I'd forgotten how much I really do enjoy school and learning. We also have a new addition to my apartment, his name is Benjamin. He's a very large and very comfortable bean bag. We named him so that when people ask what we're doing we can respond with things like "oh, cuddling with Benny".

So, I'm on a trying new things kick lately.
Numero Uno: In reading my new favorite blog, colormekatie, I learned a neat trick with my camera called putting a black piece of paper with a shape cut out over it. It changes blurry lights into pretty shapes!

Numero Dos: I'm being a more friendly person. Not that I'm not a friendly person to begin with, but I'm doing my best to step out of my comfort zone more to make friends. So far, it's worked out quite well! Hooray for friends!

Side note: as part of the stepping out of the comfort zone thing, I ended up in an easy cheese tower competition on campus at A-day. Don't worry, I won.

Numero Tres: Also up on campus at A-day I won a coupon for a free tan. So Daisy and I decided to experience tanning. I found it quite relaxing and enjoyable!

My roommates are hounding me to stop so we can go to ward stare. Gotta run!
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