Sunday, August 9, 2009


Accomplishments of la week:
-I learned how to make a pot of coffee. Now, I fully understand that this skill may never come in handy. Ever. But, you never know. And I still feel accomplished.

-The Hostess Bible. It was a MESS. It's 5 pages of instructions for the Mill Hollow Hostesses to do scheduling on the computer. Get this: the copy we were using still had instructions on how to retrieve the file from the flopy disk... Yep. It needed redoing. So Cupcake and I completely retyped it and made it SO much easier to understand. Hostesses of the future will forever praise our names!

-I convinced Pi to propose to Sparkle in the walk-in fridge. It was a beautiful moment and now I feel that this summer is complete. (Every summer I've worked at Mill Hollow there has been a fake engagement.)

-Finished Season 3 of Friends.

-Watched "Top Gun" for the first time ever. I can't decide how much of an accomplishment this actually is, but I hear it's one of those "You have to see it atleast once in your life" kind of movies.
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