Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh, Hanna.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? 'Cause I love my job an awful lot. Last week involved side pony tails, faux-hawks, fo-hocks, star gazing on the water tower, cuddle fests, and deep-fried watermelon. Yeah, you heard me right. (Read me right?) Scout and I deep fried watermelon. Note to yourself: It's not very tasty. However, we may or may not experiment with a batter to see if that helps things out.

This week involved more cuddling, a satiny pamper party, plenty of chocolate and peanut butter, margarita snow cones, gutting some fish, and a neat trip to Hanna. Raise your hand if you'd love my job too.

Side note: Hanna is actually not all that exciting. However, I had a goal to go to Hanna one day and now I have! Hooray for me!

Prideful moment of the week: (Though technically of last week) I cleaned the sports shelf! Now, I understand that that means absolutely nothing to the majority of you, but you should still be in awe. The sports shelf is a quaint set of shelves located in the trading post of Mill Hollow. I promise you, these shelves had not been cleaned off since the day they were built. Heard the saying "an inch thick of dust"? Oh yeah. We were bordering two inches here. I threw away probably 10 old volleyball nets, a rather large and rotting tug-of-war rope, a couple unpleasant looking tether balls, stacks of moldy checker boards, and a few other items that were too rotted to name. The shelves are SO beautifully organized now. Also, we have approx. 800 ping pong balls, 25 nets, and at least 100 paddles. Maybe Mill Hollow is planning to sponsor a world ping pong tournament? That's all not to mention the giant box of misc. sports balls, plus the shelf full of sponge balls, plus the billions of horseshoes. Anyway, the sports shelf is now a beaut. And I'm so happy about it.

In other news: I'm really really getting excited to move back to Logan. I'll be sad to leave Mill Hollow, but I'm so ready to be back in Cache Valley! Christina Bowcutt comes home from her mission in 2.5 weeks, Karen Deanne Hurd (And Steve) come back from Virginia in 4! Perhaps I'll make a paper chain.

One last thing!! I came home from camp today to a lovely surprise also known as staff hoodies!! I love love love them :)

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