Friday, July 3, 2009


A few items of business:

a. I stink at life and I've SO neglected my blog recently.

b. Summer is GLORIOUS.

c. I hate hate HATE mosquitoes!

Okay, time to elaborate: I'm working at Mill Hollow again this summer and I love it with all the contents of my heart and soul. We've had all sorts of adventures this year. Plus also, our staff is tight like sprite. We bonded faster than any other year that I've worked at camp.

Week 1: Crap-tacular week from HECK. Also known as cleaning week. Dead mice, soggy D-CON, bunk after bunk after bunk of dirt, stale candy, and in-side-out socks. You name it, we found it in those cabins.
Week 2: We killed a porcupine. I found my friend, Cocoa, in the trading post and after an attempt to get 'er out alive, we ended up killing her with a knife taped to the end of a broom stick. It was quite the event.
Week 3: Training and the first group of children. We thought we'd start the summer off right by discovering a propane leak, tearing up the ground outside the lodge, and making it impossible to actually allow kids in the camp. We ended up meeting them at Nobletts (a fantastic hike 6 mi. away from camp) and playing with them in the parking lot until the fire marshal approved the fixed leak.
Week 4: Fairly normal week. Camp fire, singing, repetitive food, boondoggle, and getting stuck in the mud up above the reservoir and having to call the Granite District police to get out. Like I said, normal.
Week 5: Actually was normal. We began the fantastic tradition of Junie B. Jones reading time after staff lunch. We also had a smoothie competition after tuesday's staff lunch. Don't worry, I won. :) I had some tough competition though. Patch and Dot make DANG good smoothies.
Week 6: Secret Sister Week. Everybody got/gave some awesome gifts. And my secret sister this year was incredible.

Needless to say, I love my job! And I love our staff.

Last, but not least, fantastic picture from Mill Hollow taken with my amazing new telephoto lens!

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