Saturday, May 16, 2009


Oh, how I love summer!
Last Saturday my best friend, Ashley Elise Foote, got married to my good buddy, Christiphi. She's now Ashley Elise Foote Ball. Cute, huh? Her wedding was GORGEOUS. She was a beautiful, beautiful bride and I am SO happy for her. I spent the day helping her with her hair and putting the dress on, etc. We also had a ton of fun at the reception that night, finishing everything off with a crazy-awesome dance party.

Wednesday, me and my pal, Fitch, drove up to Logan to visit some of our friends that are still there for the summer. That was a TON of fun! Megan and I took Fitch and James on a date to Wendy's and 17 Again. I adore that movie! The boys laughed, but swore to never see it again because it was "awkward and chick flicky". They've also informed me that I never get to pick the movie again. Regardless, it was still a very fun date. We took the boys back to their apartment and let them have some "nerd time" while Me, Ashli, Lacy, Megs, and Lacy's cute roommate went to Sam's Club for Churros with some fantastic girl talk and massages when we got back to Megs' apartment. We had a group movie night that night and didn't get to bed until nearly 2. Oh, the joys of college life. :)

Thursday, I got up relatively early (for summer... it was 9 :p) and drove back to salt lake for a dentist appointment. Just for the record: NO CAVITIES!!

That night Lacy, Megs, and Ashli came down to SL. Ashli and Lace slept at my house and definitely caught me at one of my more loopy moments. I'll save myself some embarrassment and keep the details to myself, but you can trust that we got some good laughs.

Friday was Brock and Aubrey's wedding. We spent the morning downtown watching them come out of the temple and taking pictures and such. Her luncheon was at Bucca Di Beppo and was SO tasty. Then we had a short break to get ready for the reception that night at The Atrium at Western Gardens. It was gorgeous and VERY Aubrey. We had so much fun and Brock and Aubrey are SO happy together.

Today we had a ton of fun. We met up with Ry Ry and went to the Zoo. After, we had the tastiest burgers at Hires. We chilled at Megs's grandma's for a bit and after Ry left, us girls went out for ice cream and walked around the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple. After a short visit to Fitch (who couldn't come to the zoo 'cause he's not feeling well), we said our goodbyes and they all headed back to Logan.

Summer rocks my socks. This has been such a fun week/weekend. Honestly, I love my life!
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