Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a few of my favorite things

Alright, alright. I'm a slight bit of a slacker and not only have I not finished "re-decorating" my blog, but I also haven't even written for a while.

Highlights from the past few weeks include (but are not limited to :P) :
-General Conference
-The sun finally coming out!
-Boy's don't suck week.
-IWA training
-picking a major

General Conference
Saturday morning we met at Ry's apartment and made tasty omelets and hash browns and watched on TV. For Sunday, we drove to Tremonton and watched at Ashli's house and her wonderful mom made us a tasty lunch. We also spent some time at my favorite place, Marble Park. (Note: Marble Park is where the bowling ball was on top of the flag pole that one eventful day.)
I loved the conference talks, I'm excited to re-read them all in the Ensign. :)

I went home Saturday night so that I'd be able to spend Easter with my family. The Easter Bunny loves me and brought me Reeses Eggs and Twilight on DVD. (She knows me all too well) We went to my grandparent's house for dinner and had tasty ham. It was a ton of fun to see my whole family again. Gotta love family parties!

Boys don't suck week
Traditionally, the week after conference is Boys suck week. It all started with some unfortunate events where boys simply sucked and we needed a break! We generally celebrate with extra girl time and less boy time. There is, of course, chocolate involved.
Anyway, this year we decided to be less "derogatory" and celebrate "Girls are awesome week" instead. This resulted in less chocolate and more time with boys. Still unsure how I feel about that one. It may not have been a bad idea to forgo boys suck week. I haven't decided yet.

IWA training
I've been called as IWA second counselor for my chapter next year. IWA = Institute Women's Association. I stinkin' love my chapter and I'm so excited to be in the presidency next year. Last Saturday was training and I am thrilled for all the events we've got planned next year.

Speaking of events and planning them...
After $30 and a good amount of time at the career center, I finally picked a major! What happened at the career center was that I took a lot of tests to pinpoint my skills, interests, priorities, etc. It was a ton of things I already knew. However, all this information I already knew was presented to me in a much more helpful manner.
After a lot of consideration, prayer, sleepless nights... (Okay, I didn't really lose sleep over it.)
... I've decided to be an Event Planner! My major is actually Public Relations through the JCOM department and my minor is Parks and Rec (focusing on the programming classes). Cool, huh? I'm ecstatic.

So, there you go! That's my "catch-up" post. One final thing: Read "Saving Kristen" by Jack Weyland. I just finished it, couldn't put it down, I LOVED it. :)
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