Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring to the break

Spring break was so much fun! It was completely relaxing and I was FREE from homework/school. I spent the first half in Salt Lake with my family and some friends that I don't get to see too often (Cause, y'know, they live in SL and not Logan... lame). Haha, anyway, Karen and Steve's wedding was Tuesday and it was wonderful! I was nervous because it was snowing like crazy Monday night, but come Tuesday morning the weather was perfect. Ask any photographer, overcast is a lighting dream come true! It was a little chilly, but Karen and Steve came out of the temple to the sunshiney (and perfectly overcast) day! I'm editing the pictures right now, so I should have my favorites up for you all to see pretty soon.

Wednesday morning we drove to Monticello. Rachelle, Ashli, and I in one car and Fitch, Ryan, and James in the other. (Girls rule, boys drool. That's all I have to say about that.) We were just getting onto the freeway at 10 when Fitch called me and fed me some line about how they'd all just woken up. I believed him, and agreed to a race to Monticello. Later on, they tried to convince us they were two hours ahead of us and we knew they had lied. So they beat us to Monticello, but we punked them back by making them come "jump start" our car 14 miles outside of Monticello. Then we took off and "beat" them to Monticello.

That night we hung out at the elementary school and played an awesome game of four-square and watched a movie. The next morning we headed over to Arches and hiked up to Delicate Arch. Yes, I've lived in Utah my entire life. No, I had never been to Arches before. It was pretty neat! Check out my ugly shoes purchased at ALCO just prior to the hike. (Don't worry, ofcourse I forgot hiking shoes.)
Fitch, James, Ryan, and Elise
Ashli and I

We got tattoos in Moab, we're pretty rebelious!
(okay, so I washed it off before church on Sunday...)

After the hike, we ate at "Fiesta Mexicana" and James made fun of us all for talking like "Gringos" in Moab. How do you not sound like a gringo ordering a "Super Burrito"? That night we played Zug um Zug (a.k.a. Ticket to Ride) and I definitely won! Friday we went on a VERY windy picnic, played the skittles game, and watched a couple more movies. Saturday we drove back to SL and went to Justin's play, "My School Musical". I was very pleasantly surprised. I really really enjoyed it. 

So that's Spring Break, pretty laid back and, best of all, warm. That's all folks!

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