Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picture of the day!

Mostly the story behind this is that I was bored and playing around with my camera and took a picture of these cute blocks my roommate made. Aaand I thought I'd share. 

On the subject of friends, I miss LDs with all my heart and soul. My second semester in the choir our theme was friends and boy do I miss it. I made some of the best friends that year and learned some pretty incredible things. Besides that, I miss performing and entertaining. And praising the lord through song. 

Also, I'm perplexed by the subject of picking a major. (Isn't perplexed such a good word?) I have tried/considered quite the plethora of majors at this point, and I'm going to be a senior in college next year. So it is stressing me out a little bit thinking about this whole major thing.

 I'm open to suggestions at this point, what do you think I'd be good at?
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